The Problem In Recruiting The Best Tech Talents

Every other individual is looking for a wild card entry into the tech industry. The potential this industry has shown over the years, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, has turned every eye around the world to the growing IT Sector. Our day-to-day lives are so interlinked with technology that living without technology seems impossible. With an entire generation being raised in a digital or rather in a more technological age, the urge to be a part of the potential future has skyrocketed the roofs.

But modern-day companies need help with an entirely new problem altogether. How do we hire the best tech talents? It is becoming a concerning issue for companies worldwide. Especially in India, a new demographic has been set that raised an issue different from the rest of the world. As the studies, research and human behaviour patterns suggest, the world’s possible future will require a steady and high increase in hiring quality tech talents.

Let’s discuss this in detail: the problem when you hire the best tech talent and how you can hire the right tech talent to scale your company.

The Problem

Imagine this, you have an urgent requirement for two talents for the role of Android Developer. Now, you go to the open market, marketing about that role and getting applications. Usually, it is seen that the applications for those two positions come flooding. For example, the number might be 100.

Here, assessing all the applicants is a difficult task, and the possibility of losing the ideal candidate can increase. The strategy of assessing all the candidates increases time, which results in losing quality candidates from the market quickly.

This tried and tested method of implementing and acting on the right strategy effectively has worked wonderfully so far. But the sudden increase has changed the gravity of the situation, making hiring quality tech talents even more challenging.

Some of the major problems or challenges in hiring top tech talents are given below:

    1. The Demand & Supply Issue: Drawing back to the crucial balance of talents and opportunities, India has been a talent house for the world for centuries. Leveraging that on the country’s growing economy, the numbers simply surpass the opportunities created in the market.
    2. Easy Access to Quality & Relevant Talents: Many hiring managers in the pool of talents need help finding or hiring the best tech talents with the required relevant skills. However, if this is the case, then to hire top tech talent, a technical test can be the best way among the tired and tested methods to hire quality tech talents.
    3. Niche Skills Challenges: Over the years, the IT Industry has expanded its broad wings in multiple programs. Even the job roles elevated profoundly from Big Data Analysis to Cyber Security and Blockchain. Finding quality candidates in these niche domains has presented other challenges to hiring managers. This problem of candidates needing to gain command over niche technologies has been a major thrown in hiring top tech talents for growing companies across India.

Apart from all these challenges, the growing recession and inflation have hiked the living costs, making it more challenging to recruit top talents. But there is still hope, as they say; read below to know how to hire the best tech talents and successfully retain them.

The Right Way to Hire the Best Tech Talent

    1. Go Specific in Writing Job Descriptions
      Did you know that many quality talents consider only applying for the role if the job description matches their skill sets? Especially for women tech talents, they need to be sure about the job 100% to apply. So, one of the significant things to understand as a hiring manager is to recognize and act on the job description in detail. Map out the required skill sets, the other roles and responsibilities you want, and the desired tasks.
    2. Clever Ways Source Best Tech Talents
      Pay attention to your branding strategies to attract the best talents to the job openings. Introducing collaborative initiatives like referral programs or incentives to filter and get more personalized candidates can do wonders to attract and hire the best tech talents. Adding a career page to the website can help create an exclusive network of desired job roles. A more personalized and effective way is to identify where your talents are and then specifically develop a strategy around it.
    3. Create a Talent Community & Keep Them Engaged
      One of the most proactive strategies on which even the popular networking platform LinkedIn is loosely based is creating a talent community. Though the LinkedIn platform is a very vague example, there are several other methods by which you can create a talent community.
      In such cases, attracting the best tech talents is easy, but keeping them engaged and active is where most fail. Create a pipeline and strategise their engagement accordingly, aligning them with the company’s goals to achieve maximum output.
    4. First Understand & Then Act
      Every job has a set way of doing things, and every organization sets it differently. That results in understanding the job role first and then attracting and hiring quality tech talents. Furthermore, soft skills are equally important for a tech professional along with technical skills, so hiring managers should hire the best tech talents keeping in mind the skill set required to get the job done.
    5. Set up a Smooth Hiring Process & Candidate Experience
      Even after accepting the job offer, many candidates often leave the organization in the first few days. This is due to the poor candidate experience that the talent faces during the hiring process. From the screening to the candidate’s onboarding, make sure the talent feels at home and a significant effort is put into welcoming him to the team. This will also help you with time and money.
      An excellent start to making the candidate feel at home would be explaining the career prospects of the job profile and how it will help expand their knowledge and skills. Apart from that, if you have imbibed the culture that allows everyone at the company to maintain an excellent work-life balance, then telling the talent some perks about it would be fantastic.

Important Tip: Ensure Good and welcoming Communication from First Mail

To hire the best tech talents, identifying and mailing them is not enough. As a hiring manager, you must put forth your Aces to convince and onboard. Furthermore, even if you are starting as a hiring manager, it would be an excellent on-the-job training role where you will explore the possibilities of dealing with different candidates for different positions.

You are hiring quality tech talents by giving them a welcoming experience. The first email you will send will account for everything and draft personalized emails to every candidate to draw and personalize their experience. Apart from that, ensure that in your first meeting, you would sound and be confident about the talent joining the organization. 

Even during negotiation, the talent must feel like his demands are being met proactively. This is the stage where even experienced hiring managers feel troubled. A gentle tone and an attitude where you will try to create a win-win situation for both the employees and employers. And let this be your small brief about how to hire tech talents.

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