Why We Need More Women In Tech

What makes a product or service stand out of the crowd? 

In the IT Sector, this is the talk of the town, and the perception shifts from creating something for one customer to creating one for all customers. Looking at the business from this perspective, the IT industry is booming worldwide. Moreover, the customer range varies from every man and woman using technology, providing the industry with a vast potential customer network. 

In a quest to effectively serve potential customers, the IT Industry is diversifying the industry by including employees from all backgrounds, cultures, ethnicities, etc. With the idea of diversity and inclusion in the workforce, many studies have suggested that hiring women in tech can lead to better company growth. 

But as the ultimate question everyone asks everything—WHY?—we also asked the same. 

Why do we need more women in tech?

Let’s try to understand and answer this ‘Why’ with an example. Suppose a tech company is manufacturing a product that benefits every human on the planet. But unfortunately, forming a little more than 34% of the total global IT workforce, the product that has been manufactured is somewhat inclined to the manly nature. 

Now, the product can be amplified and made better with professional women in tech. Furthermore, it also increases diversity in the team, leading to a team that is ready to take risks and work effectively. But the major differential point that remains here is the personalisation of the product that makes it more appealing for everyone. 

But such opinions have a short life unless backed with data and reasoning in this modern world. So, here are four reasons why we need more women in technology in this technical age. 

  1. Better Revenue 

Over the years, women have proven to have an innovative approach with better problem-solving abilities. Highlighting this part while hiring professional women in tech, they help businesses strengthen their baseline.  

Furthermore, with a diverse workforce, companies who have promised to hire more women in tech have seen improved customer satisfaction rates and successful conversion of potential customers to loyal ones. 

However, with respect to seeing this arc growing, the world needs to have a professional network for women in tech, consisting of women holding leadership positions in the IT industry. SheWork.in a shared employment platform that envisions bringing more women in tech to leadership positions, would inspire more women to indulge in the industry. As they say, we can be what we see. 

All these things combined together result in a better return on investment, better employee performance and increased revenue. 

2. Better Problem Solving 

Yes, you’re probably thinking right. How can women in tech provide better problem-solving abilities? Well, indeed, the problem-solving ability does not come with gender. But what a problem-solving ability demands is out-of-the-box thinking and innovative ideas every now and then. 

According to the statistics provided by NCWIT (The National Center of Women & Information Technology), only 20% of the tech industry consists of professional women working as computer programmers and software engineers. This clearly indicated that around 80% of problems in the tech industry are solved by men. 

Furthermore, data from Trustradius also reveals that 78% of women in tech have to work harder than their male counterparts. To counter these gender biases in the tech industry, we need more women in tech. 

And it is always better to have the option of taking a different approach to problem-solve. This brings more opportunities and reduces the dependency on solving a problem on one. 

3. Improved Mentorship & Talent Utilisation 

STEM jobs across the world still remain male-dominated, and the professional network of women in tech feels that unconscious gender bias hinders in the growth in management roles. According to The ILO Bureau for Employers’ Activities, unconscious gender bias is the major barrier to women’s career advancement. 

With respect to making IT ‘her’ Future as envisioned by SheWork.in a shared employment platform, consider bringing more women in tech could help women see how their careers can grow in the growing IT industry. 

Having more women in the workforce can boost the morale of the team. Other than that, it would also encourage young women starting their careers in IT to better understand the dynamics and growth factors. 

Also, improved mentorship increases the organisation’s brand value for the employees. Along with that, it also helps the talent pool to understand and innovate their performances better. 

When there are more women occupying leadership positions in a company, it serves as a positive influence and motivation for other women to join the organisation. Additionally, it inspires women to pursue careers in technology, creating a new cohort of problem-solvers who can bring a unique perspective to a market that has not been fully explored or adequately targeted. 

4. Enhanced & Encouraging Work Culture 

Research by Techjury suggests that professional women in tech leaving jobs is 45% higher than their male counterparts. The main reasons for this include weak management support and poor work-life balance. 

Hiring more women in tech can improve the workplace culture significantly. It not only adds up to increasing safety at the workplace and adds more diversity to the team. Furthermore, with good mentorship, women in tech would get a voice where they feel heard and understood. Moreover, training new personnel is expensive and time-consuming for business owners with a high turnover rate. However, investing in female employee training is cost-effective in the long term. 

Why go with a Shared Employment Platform?

As the hiring dynamics of the IT industry are changing with the changing times, a network for women in tech can increase their chances of finding a job that suits their needs. Starting with a shared employment platform like SheWork.in which celebrates women in tech, Women get a deeper insight into hiring in the IT industry. 

Further, such a platform focuses on building a professional network for women to help them build a tech-savvy women’s community. This makes the industry more approachable for women, and it knows its intricacies on a good note. 

To conclude, not just the IT industry but every industry, in general, is in dire need of women to make their products or services more personalised for everyone. A good sign in this regard would be the approach of companies that are reshaping their policies to make IT ‘her’ Future.  

And if you are a woman looking to restart your career, joining the growing SheWork.in community would be a good start. 

Click here to join today. 

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