What Should Be The Ideal Notice-Period

Resigning from your current job can be overwhelming and painful at the same time. The reasons to leave the job may vary from individual to individual and thus, the way to approach your notice may also be diverse. On similar grounds, the notice period applicable alters based on the working period, reasons to leave, employee position, the time required by the employer to cope up, and what not? Also, the notice period is diverse for distinct organizations. But what is the most ideal period to deliver a notice? The employee and employer’s view regarding the period to provide notice may have a vast difference.

What should be the ideal notice period?

The notice period is time to let the firm know about the resignation of any employee working in the firm. The firm must have a piece of prior information to refill the place which is left by the employee, so there is the convenience to handle the further chores of the firm. The notice time has been a topic of long going debate as per both the sides basically, employee and the employer. Both of them have different views on the notice period as per their relative convenience.

What do employees say? The side of the working candidate!

Numerous firms offer a notice period of 1 week to their employees. Although, this can be a satisfactory or an unsatisfactory period for the candidate to shift their jobs. Based on the study carried out, we have sorted out the list of most expected answers of the employee for the notice period heeding to their relative reasons.

    1. 15 days: If the candidate is shifting from the position or attaining a new job nearby, a minimum of 15 days requirement is to be satisfied. To wind up all the chores, wrap up essentials or sometimes also because the month of payroll has 15 days left, he can start working in the new firm from the start of next month.

    2. 30 days or 1 month: Leaving a job is a responsibility in itself. The candidate must not only accomplish all the assigned tasks but also let the employer know about the decision to let him revert the duties to someone else capable to that extent. 30 days duration is the most accepted notice period among the employees. The notice period of 30 days will furnish the candidate with an adequate time to achieve all the allocated targets at ease, and leave the firm without any chaos.

    3. 60 days or 2 months: Working in a developing firm implies the task assigned that might last for more than a month or even two months. The candidates working in such a firm prefer to have a notice period of 60 days to get their all tasks done and hand over the obligations to someone else. They are bound to let the overtaker understand the precise working and the quality to be delivered.

    4. 90 days or 3 months: The candidate likely to shift to another city needs to look after all the things in the detail required to move out from the city. From looking out for a new home to acquiring a new job, interview processes, and much more. Delivering a notice 3 months prior will convey adequate time to the candidate to handle all the duties and earn better security for the forthcoming.

What does the employer say? The side of the Manager and HR!

If the candidate leaves a job, the responsibility falls upon the employer as well. Instead, he has to see this challenge from a four-fold perspective. Assigning the task to someone else, hiring a new candidate for the position, delivering the firm with a candidate of the same standards to prevent the compromising situation, etc.

    1. 15 days: The employer is bound to deliver the firm with the more responsible candidate to the position and handle the obligations which will at least take 15 days.

    2. One month: Letting the employer know regarding the resignation 1 month prior will attain adequate time to oversee the tasks accomplished and handle the same to someone else.

    3. Two months: The new position taker will be unaware of the duties to be handled. 2 months period will be sufficient for the employer to explain all the chores to the newcomer.

    4. Three months: If the firm doesn’t have the candidate capable of handling the job, he needs to hire someone else for the job. 3 months prior notice will provide him the liable time to secure the position.

Notice period varies from individual to individual. It should be assigned as per the convenience of both the employee and employer.

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