What Is The Fourth Industrial Revolution And How Is It Affecting-Women


Amazing words have been said by many great men throughout the centuries in terms of revolution. But the ones that have truly stuck around were said by Thomas Jefferson, who once quoted, “Every Generation needs a new Revolution.” And it has been, indeed, pretty long since the world saw a true revolution that brought about exceptional transposes.  

However, today, we are amidst a technological revolution, a change so Herculean, it will fundamentally and permanently modify the way we humans associate with one another, carry on our work, and even live. While we humans have been a witness to three industrial revolutions prior to this one, the titular Fourth Industrial Revolution is novel and more profound in multiple aspects. The complexity and the scale of the Fourth Industrial Revolution is bound to be paramount.  

The margins of the digital as well as the physical spheres of life are becoming blurred and are intermingling with the genesis of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. And since every coin has two sides, so does this new revolution. Where on one hand our worlds are becoming better accessible and well-knit, there are cons to this revolution that are mainly focused on one genderNow that we have answered what is the Fourth Industrial Revolution, it is time we get onto the second aspect of the title and see how it is affecting women.

How is the Fourth Industrial Revolution affecting women?

In a country where 48 per cent of the total population is women, it becomes kind of peremptory to think about the future of this gender, especially keeping in lines with the degree and extent to which the industrial progressions are being made.  

Deloitte released a report titled ‘Empowering Women & Girls in India for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. As per their report, India has a staggering total of 195 million women who are either working in the unorganized sector or are doing some unpaid work. The numbers in their reports are equivalent to stupefying 95 per cent of women in our country.  

With the escalating dependency on the digital means and the snowballing demand for individuals with such skillset, the number and the variety of challenges coming women’s way have unquestionably proliferated.  

India is one of those countries where women have never enjoyed an equal status when it comes to financial matters or even that of independence. With the dawn of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Indian women are suffering remarkably more. Limited access to quality education has built a wider bridge between these women and the desirable and employable skill sets.  

A ‘Digital Divide’ has been created and women are the ones suffering the most! 

Why Women?

While the Fourth Industrial Revolution has created an elbow room for ‘Gender Inclusive’ work cultures, women have still received the blunt end of it.  

Thanks to this revolution, the leading and most desirable skills in a potential employee have changed. Skills such as creativity, emotional intelligence (EI), complex problem-solving techniques, and people management have come forth to become imperative and indispensable in companies.  

While women are known to possess all of these exceptional qualities and much more, this gender has still suffered the wrath of the hard side of the revolution.  

However, we feel a change is yet in order.

A Trend – Shework.in 

With the inception of this industrial revolution, we can clearly see how much women have suffered and, in fact, are still suffering. Amidst all this, a platform named Shework.in has emerged out to help such fellow sistren 

‘You can always tell who the strong women are. They are the ones you see building one another up, instead of tearing each other down.’ 

With this very standpoint and focus, Shework spun out as an idea of a strong and powerful woman who wanted to ensure women everywhere got the same opportunities as she did. It is this platform that commenced with the idea of women helping one other to not just build careers, but craft legacies.  

Together, at Shework, women raise and polish each other. Opportunities are created, skills are polished, chances are grasped, love is showered, and respect comes as easy as breathing! If you are a woman who is seeking out opportunities and want to become the bearer of your own fortune and tomorrow, then Shework.in is the platform for you.  

You could be anywhere and still be a part of this family. Let us all come together to reverse the adverse effects of this revolution and try to get to the milestone where a gender inclusive work environment is seen as something ordinary, instead of something vivid. 

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