5 Ways To Use Social Media For Job Hunt

Today, social media is being used for all sorts of work and leisure related activities and we are not the only ones making use of it. A lot of recruiters and employers also take to the internet and such platforms in search of potential candidates to help them fill in their open positions.

This is especially true for those organizations which are into remote working. Internet for them is an integral part and that is how they prefer to pick their collaborators and employees too. Since so many recruiters are actively using social media, you should make social media platforms and profiles a big part of your job hunts too. 

Online websites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have become common as well as essential to showcase your skills. Your personal branding can be done strategically via these platforms. After all, your resume is only seen by those who you send it to but potential hirers have access to these social media platforms and to your profile as well. 

Here are some Advantages to Use Social Media for Job Hunt:   

→ You can network & connect, especially since COVID has made social distancing the new normal 

→ You get to interact with companies you are interested in or see as potentially workable 

→ You can build your personal brand 

→ Your skills & talents are broadcast to potential employers 

→ You get more visibility 

Here are some Ways to Use Social Media for Job Hunt:   

Since only updating a profile picture isn’t enough, here are some of the things you can do to use social media to its utmost power to take your job hunt to another level.    

1. Deep Clean your Existing Account 

If you are not certain how long back you made your social media account or when was the last time you used it, then there’s no time like now to get it all on track. 

Deep clean your existing account, update your picture to a professional one, polish your bio and add your achievements and certifications. In short, make your profile look more hire-able

2. Highlight your Skills, Talents & Wins 

No, we are not talking about the chess match you won when you were in 10th standard. Your social media profile should play the role of your virtual resume. Hence, polish it like that. 

Be it LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or a shared platform like SheWork, you need to highlight your skills, talents, and wins. At SheWork, you can update your profile every time you complete a project to add credentials to your bio and let the hiring companies a glimpse into your arena of expertise and achievements. 

3. Get your Own Website 

If your work is such that it can be beautifully and more impactfully shared via a portfolio, then get your own website. Portfolio websites do not cost a fortune. Hence, at a minimal price, you will get a private space to have all your work samples. 

Many recruiters, especially if you prefer remote work, will thoroughly go through your samples and if those can be found at one place, it will make you an instant hit. 

4. Be Wary of Who is Watching 

While we just advised you to highlight your skills, talents, and wins, make sure you implement the opposite when it comes to letting everyone know that you are on a job hunt. Be wary of your current employer and other people of the company following you or connected on such social media because that will create a negative impact. It can even sour your professional relationship with them. 

5. Join Groups 

Networking plays a major role in helping people search for the right job. They also help you stay UpTo Date and know what is happening out there. 

Joining groups can be beneficial because you never know whose eyes you catch by staying active and get the job opportunity of a lifetime.  


There are myriad ways to use social media for the job hunt. Depending upon what your career field is, you can make use of the ways mentioned above and many more to take the prospects of your career ahead. 

You can also take the aid of shared communities such as SheWork to help you move forward in life and career. All you have to do is ‘register as a talent,’ complete your profile and explore the opportunity to get noticed by some of the biggest and most famous companies throughout the country. 

Don’t forget to highlight your skills and talent. Also, every time you complete a project or a job, you can attach it to your profile for added stars to your existing pro

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