Things You Can Do To Increase Your Job Security

In the modern-day competitive job market, corporate downsizing has become a common thing. Either you are an asset to the company or you become a replaceable employee. This is the mindset of people these days but contrary to popular belief Job security is not dead. As we are amid a global pandemic, we have seen the world economy destabilize and millions of people all around the world lose their jobs. There is never a complete guarantee that your job is completely safe. But you can take steps to ensure your place in the company.

The number one requirement for Job security is creating your own identity. Create your identity in the company so that you can stand out.

Here are a few techniques on How to solidify your Job security:

  1. Be consistent with your work creativity: Consistency becomes a key when it comes to excelling at your work. When you become passive you can easily go unnoticed so standing with the crowd is not going to be helpful. Carefully observe the work environment and act before anyone else does. Do not hold out on giving out new ideas and make yourself as useful as possible.
  1. Take initiative on becoming a problem solver: No employer likes an employee who constantly creates a fuss and is overwhelmed by the responsibility. Instead, try and find where your employer needs help before you are asked to and offer your solutions. Think about how you could address and help resolve these problems in your position.
  1. Provide your expertise in your workplace: Find out what you specialize in and use that to your advantage. Demonstrate your expertise in a certain area and put it to use where needed in your company. This will provide you with furthermore visibility and create your brand among your colleagues.
  1. Be willing to assist your colleagues; Don’t wait for someone to approach you. Also, assist other people whenever required. Always use your skill wherever you find an opportunity to solve problems. It helps to create a good relationship with new clients, which automatically uplifts company reputation and your job security.
  1. Boost your skill set: Life long learning is the best habit to update your skills from time to time. To stay in an organization, never rely on a single skill or work, grow your skills which could be more beneficial for the company. It will automatically make you a valuable employee in the field. Developing both outside and on-desk skills at your workspace is the wise move. You can easily do this by practicing and learning new skills via taking classes, keep on practicing, and enhancing your knowledge.
  1. Volunteer to do challenging projects: Challenging work keeps you interested and motivated in your role. Make it known that you want to be involved and that you want to take on more responsibility.
  1. Communicate with your teammates: Ask for their feedback so that you can improve your skills and performance. Their feedback will guide you whether you are on the right track or the wrong. Note down every key information that might get you to know regarding what your team values. Do not become defensive when they criticize your work instead treat it as an opportunity to improve yourself. Ask for specific suggestions on how you can improve on your work.
  1. Improve on your competence: Your knowledge and skills can always come in handy in proving your value to the company. Take personal development courses, seminars, and meetings. Even try and get an additional degree. Read professional and industry trade journals, reports, and books. These will help you keep track of the current business market so when you look at the larger picture you will be able to fulfill your role more successfully. You need to be ready to work extra hard for Job security.


The world is filled with people who sit back and complain about their jobs. Be proactive and act on improving your position in the company. They offer a great opportunity for beginners and professionals to set their career in their job. It is recommended to join them and polish your skills more. So, whenever you face conflicts, take those circumstances to your vantage point and showcase your abilities. Anticipate what the future withholds and start working on carving your ladder to success. Start eradicating what may hamper your future. Understand and overcome these challenges to secure your job. Finally, work on yourself so that the company can happily invest in you.

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