Things To Avoid During A Job Interview

Things to Avoid in a Job Interview 

“You will never get a second chance to make a great first impression.” 

-         Will Rogers 

Whether you’re a fresher or an experienced professional, job interviews can get you nervous. From googling the best to crack an interview on your way to the interview to revisiting your work experience, job interviews are all about making a great first impression. While being confident is the key, job interviews can throw you off the track in an instant and even the smallest thing that you might think of can lead to a delusional first impression. 

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Having said that, the moment you get an interview invitation, your every interaction with the organization counts. Furthermore, the way you present yourself in the first interaction also plays a crucial role in getting you the job. Common reasons for rejections in the first interviews are inappropriate presentation, poor body language, low confidence, vague responses, and the list goes on. 

Sometimes you know that you’re the ideal fit for the role, but it is the silly mistakes you make that cost you the job. 

But, Hey! 

Cheer-up! We’ve got some Good News for you. 

After helping many professional women in tech find jobs through our unique shared employment platform, we’ve curated a list of things that you can avoid in your future interview. 

So, let’s get started! 

  1. Be Punctual
    Well; this is a known practice that most HRs keep you waiting for a while until they finally call you in for an interview. This is done to observe you because the interview starts. As much as everyone hates to be kept waiting, it is important for you to be present at the given time.
    Avoid reaching too early or too late; this will help you save your time and the interviewer. And as they say, it is all about the right timing, so while going for an interview, be present on the right to make it right.

  2. Dress for the JOB you want Though it is a common phrase used in corporates to tell employees to dress appropriately, it has changed the professional to smart casual. However, a popular saying states, ‘Never underestimate the power of a good suit,’ this doesn’t mean you want to wear a suit to your interview, but it indicates the power of dressing properly. Always dress appropriately, and do not overdress or underdress; well, it is always better to be overdressed than underdressed. After all, it’s all about making a good first impression.
  3. Be Present and Active
    When you are called for an interview, it is important for you to be present and active at the moment. Keeping yourself away from distractions is the best way to achieve that. A useful tip would be to keep your mobile phone on silent. Also, avoid things like fidgeting your hair, and gums, constantly sniffing or coughing, tapping your shoes, etc.
    To leave your best impression in an interview, you also need to be active with commanding body language. Do not look disinterested, and maintain constant eye contact, good posture and cheerful nature. Also, have a firm handshake, as these things make a difference.

  4. Unclear and Vague Answers Remember, you have to answer, and you have to answer right and precisely. Pause for a second or two before responding. Ensure that you stick to the question answer and do not deviate from the topic. Avoid mumbling or speaking in a way that is hard for the interviewer to understand. Practicing a quick question-answer session with a friend or on your phone. This will not only help you boost your confidence but also help you understand how you sound to the other person.
  5. Be Honest, and Don’t lie! It is important for you to be honest during the entire interview. To avoid any future complications, it is crucial for you to be honest and to stay out of the danger zone. Anything that sounds or looks fabricated can drastically decrease your chances.

  6. Don’t Get Too Personal
    During the start of the interview, your interviewer might ask you to get comfortable. And it is important to be a little personal in an interview to leave a good first impression. However, friendliness and humour do decrease your chances, but having a very casual approach can leave some doubts in your potential employer’s mind. Remember to be friendly, respectful and try to be professional through and through. 

  7. No Swearing or Offensive Language
    Using swear words in our normal conversations has become a habit for most people. Avoid looking like a no-brainer, and don’t use any gestures, language or tone that is offensive. Remember that you are in the middle of a job interview. Slow your brain a little and take a moment to form your answers, and speak.

  8. Don’t Rush Things Too Early Sometimes, when you feel like everything is going well, you tend to rush to end things quickly. Well, don’t do that in any interview. Take things slowly, and don’t talk about money before you have an offer letter in hand. It’s advisable to notify them about your plans in you have any in the pipeline but keep it for the latter part.
    Also, follow the common courtesy and wait until you’re offered a seat to sit down. Let the interviewer lead the interview. Avoid slouching in the chair, and put your feet firmly on the ground. 

  9. Don’t Go Un-prepared
    Strictly avoid going to an interview unprepared. You might have all the skills, and the interviewer happens to overlook all the small mistakes you commit. But it is crucially important for you to research the company you’re interviewing for. Simply reading the ‘About Us’ section can help a lot.
    Walk into the interview with the mindset that you’re going to crack the interview. Confidence is the key; once you’re confident, your preparation comes in handy.
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