Covid 19 has completely changed the job scenario. There have been business losses, pay cuts and layoffs.

To counter this problem, different companies in China are sharing their employees to effectively manage the human resources and cut down job losses. The details of these can be read here:

In India, a young start-up is creating an eco-system to enable sharing of human resources.

Why should an organisation share its human resources?

There are multiple benefits as enumerated herewith:

  1. No lay-offs
  2. Less attrition
  3. No loss of good-will
  4. No need to pay benched employees. Let them work in other company and get paid by that organisation
  5. The company sharing its resource also gets rewarded for the same.
  6. Less stress on small and mid-segment organisations to keep tech resources effectively engaged. Even if there are more resources during a lean period, they can NOW be shared with other organisations
  7. The entire process is managed by Shework.
  8. The benefits don’t end here- the organisation can also get tools to manage remote resources from Shework itself!
  9. Also, an organisation doesn’t need to expand office space like earlier as employees can now work remotely.
  10. Shework becomes your one-stop solution for hiring, resource planning and resource sharing.

Benefits of choosing Shework as your partner for technical hiring:


With changing times, every organisation needs to pivot its business model.

A lot of companies have pivoted and collaborated with each other during the times of the pandemic. So, why not collaborate and share human resources that benefits both the organisation and the employees.

Reach out to us : to help you collaborate better and create meaningful employee engagement.

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