The Covid19 crisis has completely changed the way we live and the corporate world is no longer an exception to it.The pandemic has resulted in massive business losses as well as job losses across the world.

In order to sustain the Covid19 challenge, organisations are re-inventing themselves and pivoting their business models. Also, hiring has taken a back seat for many organisations. Lot of companies are looking at different approaches to hire employees.

To meet this completely changed dynamics of resource planning, comes to the rescue of both job-seekers and corporate houses.


– Creating a world-class shared employment platform benefitting both job seekers and corporate houses.

– Not only does help organisations to get the right kind of resources faster through its database of pre-vetted profiles, it also reduces the paper work as the entire process is handled by the shework team.

– Shework strives to enable more women in tech to pursue their job aspirations by providing them different kind of work opportunities- flexible openings, part-time options, remote working options as well as full-time opportunities.

– It also enables women to lead and grow in their professional lives by not only providing job-opportunities but also mentoring options, skill enhancement opportunities and women returnee programs.

– Also, assisting women in their personal matters such as helping them get safe and secure living spaces, adequate day-care facilities and so on. Once a woman is a part of the shework community, she is helped in more ways than one through her entire lifetime to excel in her professional life by taking off the burden of her personal activities.

The Journey had just started its operations in March 2020 and then to everyone’s dismay Covid19 crisis struck India hard! It was a very difficult situation to be in for the founders Pooja Bangad and Tejas Kulkarni !

The coming weeks were very demanding and challenging as most corporates were not hiring new employees. On the contrary, the job market was inundated with news of job losses.

However, the team at shework worked tirelessly to cope up with the changed environment and by quickly customising the solutions to match the needs of the current times, shework has been able to march forward and sustain operations.

The Road Ahead:
How shework’s shared employment platform benefits corporates?

While the start-up ecosystem has been growing at an alarming pace, it faces lot of challenges especially in terms of getting the right kind of employees. Largely, a founder would check within his immediate circles or social media groups to hire an employee or post the openings on different job portals.

But skimming through the wide array of resumes especially for technical hiring is a big task in itself, so the founder first hires a technical recruiter and then the technical recruiter shortlists 40-50 profiles out of hundreds he/she might have gone through on different job portals.

Of these, some might not turn up for interview, others might not want to change looking at the current scenario. In effect, only 9-10 people turn up for the interview and not more than 2-3 people are best suited for the role.

Out of these, 2-3 candidates also, the possibility of joining is very low especially in IT hubs as most companies are seeking to hire the best technical talent.More often than not, job seekers use the offer letter to negotiate a better salary in another organisation! Phew!! And the process for hiring starts yet again. Can only pity the technical recruiter!

If the recruiter gets lucky and the person actually joins, the founder needs to set-up an office or take a seat in co-working spaces that costs anything between 6k-9k.

But if we say, you don’t need to go through the above mentioned tedious process nor invest in an office space- sounds interesting?

Yes, indeed at we help corporates in more ways than one:

    1. We help you to get the right profile of candidates.
    2. The hiring process is simpler, faster and cost-efficient.
    3.  It helps to reduce attrition in the organisation.
    4. We help you to reduce infrastructure costs by hiring remote workers.
    5. We also provide tools to manage your projects and liase with your team members effectively.
    6. We get you technically skilled people for short-term, medium term and long-term projects.
    7. We help in being cost-efficient for both employees and employers through our shared platform service.

Does this excite you?

Write to us : to know more about our solutions and how we can help you get better resources to scale your business effortlessly!

Also, stay tuned for more updates!

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