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A picture is worth a thousand words!

The life of a working woman is full of varied challenges!

But you would be happy to know that the team at Shework has been working tirelessly amidst the Covid19 outbreak and has successfully launched a platform that helps women professionals to get the job matching their talent and requirements. It is not only a platform to get full-time, part-time or freelance work opportunities but also a platform to connect with experts in different fields that helps women to gain knowledge, expertise and skills required to break the glass ceiling faster!

Shework platform enables you to get the kind of job opportunity that you have been looking for:

    1. Need to switch-over as the workplace is toxic?
    2. Searching for a job in your area of expertise?
    3. Looking for a new opportunity as there is no room for growth in the current organization?
    4. Lost your job during the pandemic?
    5. Want to work from home to manage family responsibilities?
    6. Looking for an internship?
    7. Rebooting your career after a break?
    8. Want to take part-time work options?
    9. Have an appetite for more work?
    10. Want to take multiple short-term projects as a freelancer?
    11. Looking for challenging roles as you have a diverse experience?
    12. Searching for the right opportunities as a fresher?

Whatever be your reason; Shework has a befitting opportunity for you!

All you need to do is to join the Shework community.

And the process is so easy!

Just log in to the website and enter your details.

    1. The platform is very user-friendly as it has been designed by women like you.
    2. The platform allows you to control your profile and applications.
    3. It also gives you the flexibility to mention your work timings and days available for work.
    4. You can also showcase your portfolio of work done.

Shework platform is not only meant to expedite your job search but also helps you in many other ways:

    1. Shework helps you to accelerate your professional career.
    2. Shework will mentor you to get the right opportunity.
    3. You will be on Shework’s VIP list of attendees for knowledge-based sessions, webinars, and other events.
    4. Shework will give you networking opportunities with leaders in your area of expertise.
    5. Shework gives you the opportunity to showcase your portfolio on the platform- a one of its kind initiative.
    6. Shework will give you an opportunity to mentor other women so that the entire community grows together.

All in all, Shework helps you to get the right kind of opportunity that you have been looking for. It also helps you to grow professionally, personally, economically, and socially.

Shework is Indias No. 1 Shared employment platform provider for women with only one objective- to solve the challenges faced by women so that they can rise faster in the corporate world!

Shework understands women’s issues and problems that have been further aggravated by the current pandemic.

To Sum Up:

Shework aims to build a women-friendly eco-system that takes away stress, anxiety and ambiguity from their lives and provides direction, mentorship, guidance networking and job opportunities.

With such innumerable benefits, Shework is empowering women to reach the highest echelons of the corporate ladder with ease. And by creating such success stories, more women will follow suit.

All Ayes to women power!

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