A decade earlier, women constituted to less than 15% of the corporate workforce but now there are significant women hires in Corporate India. The hiring is not limited only to HR or marketing roles but to fields like R&D, AI, Data Science etc.

A transition has been observed as more and more women are taking up STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) courses.

However, having a long career and reaching the top leadership level still continues to allude women. The key reasons for drop-out include marriage, maternity and motherhood.

The Government of India did its part by extending maternity leave and brought a sweeping change in the maternity leaves being accorded to women thereby enhancing benefits for both the new-born and the mother. Additionally, facilities like Day-care and Work from Home policies have been introduced by many corporates to facilitate good working environment for women professionals.

But there’s still a long way to go so as to develop a sustainable model for women in India. As per a report published in Economic Times in March 2019: – out of 1,814 chief executives and MDs of NSE-listed companies, only 67, or 3.69% are women as of March 6, 2019.

This clearly shows that a lot more constructive steps need to be taken to avoid drop-outs at mid and upper management levels.

What are the challenges that women face to reach the top? Here are the top challenges that women face while balancing family responsibilities with professional duties:

    1. Lack of mentorship
    2. Poor networking skills
    3. Lack of flexible career options
    4. Inadequate re-skilling options after a career break
    5. Difficulty in balancing responsibilities
    6. Inadequate support system
    7. Poor negotiation skills

To help women face the above challenges with dexterity and help them continue with their career, Shework team has been working tirelessly to create an eco-system for women professionals.

Once a woman onboards Shework, she is the part of the community for the entire life-time.

There are multiple benefits of being part of Shework community:

Benefit 1:

Shework platform helps you to find your kind of job. Whether you are a freelancer or an experienced professional- Shework has the right kind of openings for you.

Decide your destiny and live your life the way you want it to be!

Benefit 2:

When a woman professional joins the Shework community through the platform, she can choose and control the companies where she wants to send her applications.

She can also specify her availability in terms of number of days and work hours.

She can make her entire portfolio on the go!

Can it get easier than this?

Benefit 3:

It’s easier to cross the hurdle when an experienced person shares their learnings with you. Isn’t it?

Coaching and mentoring is the key to Shework platform. You will know how to add new skills, view things from different perspectives and learn from people with expertise in different areas.

Why shouldn’t an engineering professional not know the dynamics of sales? After all, a software engineer should understand how the target audience will interact with the product she wants to build so that she can create more meaningful products for the users in the beginning stage itself.

That also ends the perpetual fight between engineering and marketing teams!

All in all, Shework endeavors to provide a holistic view of how businesses are run so as to empower future leaders with all the necessary ammunition needed to run the organization.

Benefit 4:

Shework has pioneered the concept of ‘shared employment’ in India.

Now, an employer can share its resources with other organizations and get paid for sharing its human resources.

This has multiple benefits for both employer and employees. 

To know more, click here.

Benefit 5:

Most women do not focus on building good network with their peers, seniors and their junior colleagues as it takes time, energy and effort.

However, networking is critical for career advancement.

Senior professionals are good to look up to for advice and feedback; peers keep you motivated and energized.

Junior colleagues come up with newer ideas and are a good company for sharing your insights and learnings.

The Shework team helps to build this network and expand your horizons.

Benefit 6:

Shework shares tips and practices to manage both work and family responsibilities so that they are not at loggerheads with each other.

We have seen quite a lot of women getting benefitted from the same and continue to engage with more women to help them meet their personal and professional challenges with ease.

Benefit 7:

Isn’t it amazing to get jobs, mentoring, coaching, networking options, upskilling options, feedback and suggestions, profile listing and more at NO COST!!!

Truly unbelievable!


Women in the corporate sector need to continuously evolve and need coaching on different aspects of life and work.

The good trend in corporate India is that there have been discussions around gender diversity and organizations are providing conducive environment for women to continue climbing the corporate ladder.

There are biases ingrained in the society that are changing with time but need more concrete steps to enable continuity at work.

A lot of talented women leave their profession because of family demands and pressure.

Women also have to battle the fear of failure and timidity. They do not take as many risks as their male counterparts.

By creating a shared employment platform, Shework is bringing a disruption in the professional employment space.

Additionally, by focusing on women segment Shework is trying to bridge the gap that exists in different fields. By providing flexible jobs and work from home job opportunities women can leverage their strengths and balance their family responsibilities.

As more and more women, join the workforce they get better parity at work in terms of roles and compensation.

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