What is Digital Marketing And How To Make A Career In It.

Outside the corporate world, Digital Marketing as a career has created a separate identity for itself. Furthermore, Instagram and other social media platforms are filled with digital marketing experts. The easy entry into the industry is something that usually stands out in this case, raises many questions for the youth to map and graph their journey in digital marketing. 

Being in this particular industry for a while now, when someone asks how to build a career in digital marketing, it often confuses where to start from. Well, rather than asking the question of how to get into the industry, let’s first understand what that industry is about. 

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a relatively modern term which was widely used after the arrival of the internet in almost every house in the world. Earlier, marketing was a majorly part of advertising campaigns to make people aware of the product or services. 

But ever since the arrival of the internet, marketing has become more personal and digital. After all, companies heavily rely on all types of marketing depending on the nature of their industry. But for all the brands that are customer based with a young targeted audience, digital marketing has, over time, proved to be the most crucial factor in the company’s growth. 

So, to define digital marketing, it can be said as the practice of promoting products or services using digital channels such as websites, social media, search engines, email, and online advertising to reach and engage with a target audience. 

How to make a career out of it?

Now that we are aware of what Digital Marketing is, making a career out of it becomes much easier. As different mediums are used to market the product or service in digital marketing, there are different niches that can help you carve your career. 

To help you get started with it, here are some of the Digital Marketing that can help you start your career or your freelance gig in digital marketing. 

  1. Content Writing Being considered the backbone of the industry, the content writer plays a very crucial role in developing strategies and placing the product in the market. Making a career in content writing is one of the most trending career choices the youth makes these days.
    It also provides a wide range of content types to choose from. The content forms typically include writing article posts, blog posts, posts on social media, scripts for videos and writing interactive mail campaigns.

Though it is not a complete technical career, it majorly depends on the skills you develop. Some of the key skills that you require for this are: 

      1.  Writing Skills 
      2. Keyword Research Skills 
      3. SEO Skills 
      4. Analytical Skills


  1. SEO Expert

    As the world transitions into a digital space, the demand for making brands digitally available for customers has become extremely important. Being an aspect that can help you map the total strategy for your digital marketing venture, SEO can be seen as a good career option. 

    It is usually recommended to find a high-quality SEO course to understand how different search engines work. Depending on that, draw out your strategy to smoothly convert your targeted audience into potential customers and potential customers into loyal customers. 

    However, as the SEO is constantly changing, it is important for you to stay up to date with it. 

  2. Affiliate Marketing 

    This a unique business model where a commission is earned by helping other people sell their products or services. Furthermore, the process is also simple, starting with finding the right product you want to promote. Then create a website to promote those products and drive the targeted, interested visitors to the affiliate products on the website. 

    There are majorly two types of affiliate partnerships, and depending on the industry and deeper understanding of the business model, many branches can be drawn out. Blogging is one of the essential aspects of Affiliate Marketing, and then promoting that social media, inclining SEO, has seen a huge conversion rate. 

    However, the thing about Affiliate marketing is that it heavily depends on the other aspects and already requires an established audience for quick results. 

  3. Social Media Manager 

    Believe it or not but social media is what every company is looking for ways to engage and connect with their customers and potential customers. The role of a social media manager in digital marketing is to increase the presence of personal or professional brands over different social media platforms. 

    This includes a wide range of skills which typically include creative posts, creating graphic designs, running advertisements and keeping the audience engaged on the post. 

  4. A YouTube Channel

    YouTube is not just a video-sharing platform anymore! With increasing popularity and bringing a unique concept for users, it has become a career stream for many creators. Being an important mouthpiece for global brands, YouTube has rightly earned its place in the Digital marketing industry. 

    To start the YouTube Channel and make a career out of it, you can make videos for the company or for your personal brand and earn money by attracting a huge amount of views on the video. 

    Here are the YouTube Partner Program Eligibility criteria and meet them to kick start your career as a YouTuber: 

      1. Follow the YouTube Monetization Policies 
      2. Avail for the YouTube Partner Program 
      3. Have more than 4000 Public Watch House in the last 12 months 
      4. More than 1000 subscribers 
      5. Have a linked Google AdSense Account

  5. Joining a Digital Marketing Agency

    The best way to start a career in Digital Marketing is by joining a digital marketing agency. This will help you understand the different aspects of digital marketing easily, and you’ll have adequate exposure to the industry. 

    Remember, being a part of the process is extremely important to understand and excel in it. 

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