11 Ways Of Empowering Women

The significance of women and girls in the world is emphasized by two special UN days. To celebrate International Women’s Day on 8th March and International Girl Day on 11th October, you can significantly impact women all over the world in easy ways.

Shework.in encourages every individual in empowering women, and here are some of the ways we promote-

  1. Create a better environment for career development
    Study findings show that better career advice and support for women are needed. Women managers may partly bring into senior management and the board by assuming more responsibility and oversight over their careers. Alone, though, that is likely to be inadequate – organizations must also play a decisive role in building a stronger women’s organizational culture.

  2. Take good care of the women in your life
    You want girls and women to support and empower them? Begin at home, office, and neighborhood straight away. Write thank you to the teacher who inspired you years ago, pick up your new mom’s coffee in your office who struggles to balance anything, or say to your sister, daughter, or mother just how much you appreciate it.

  3. Help a new mother
    From birth up to two years of age, the first thousand days of a child’s life need more attention and care. Know a new mom who might feel stressed about her career? You can encourage her to get a new opportunity.

  4. Invest in a small business
    You will connect to hardworking women entrepreneurs who wait to achieve or develop a successful company in their dream. What they might need is a small investment and trust. Your support can help someone to achieve the milestone of their life.

  5. Empower women entrepreneurs in developing countries
    Through their increased decision-making in households and communities, micro and small businesses have mobilized women in developing countries.
    Evidence indicates that MSEs have increased women’s bargaining power to decide on access to family resources and assign income and household expenses.

  6. Get more women in global leadership roles
    Senior women constantly contradict conventional wisdom in their approach to leadership as both corporate and political leaders.
    Research reveals that women politicians hope to make a meaningful improvement to the strongest and enticing symbolism. When a woman becomes the first to lead the senior – the president, prime minister, or chief executive – people tend to think that more shifts, whether more substantial and less symbolic, are possible.

  7. Teach business skills to women
    Vietnam Women’s Union and Peace Trees cooperation research showed that market training would boost the micro enterprises’ efficiency and enhance women entrepreneurs’ inspiration, success, confidence, and perception.
    The teaching of women’s business abilities will bring long-term advantages to the sustainability and development of a company.

  8. Support girls and women in crisis
    There is abuse, forced labor, trafficking, child marriage, and other offenses for millions of girls. The best way to protect girls and women is to have professional and local staff teach, educate, consult, provide healthcare services, small business financing, and other initiatives reaching both women and girls – to help break vicious cycles.

  9. Be a mentor to a woman
    Many young girls are raised in poverty, in bad schools, and in the midst of teen violence. Enable a girl to become a teacher or mentor and affect life with her own culture.

  10. Use your voice to encourage girls to stay in school
    When girls stay in school and finish high school, they and their families have many positive things to do. They live longer, marry younger, earn money, and are more active in the community. However, 130 million girls aged 6 to 17 are not enrolled in classes. You can encourage young women to stay in school and learn.

  11. Encourage more women to take apprentice roles
    A recent study has shown that young women should be encouraged to take on apprenticeship roles, especially in the male industry.
    More should promote women taking apprenticeships and achieve these transition mechanisms to support women and children, mentors, networks, and workplaces for women should include.
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