Your Questions Answered Here!

Your Questions Answered Here!

Frequently Asked Questions?

SheWork. is a unique Shared Employment Platform that aims to create a win-win situation for both employers and employees. Being a women-centric platform, we help companies hire more Women IT Professionals and help women in tech navigate their careers.  We aim to create a stable ecosystem for talents and connect them with global IT Firms across the world.   

SheWork Community is a community-driven networking platform. Through this platform, we help professional women in tech build their network and navigate their career journey revolving around growth. Click here to join the SheWork Community and be a part of the 25000+ Network of Professional Women in Tech.  

SheWork Community is a free community used by the talents to find jobs and network with fellow IT Professionals along the Industry Leaders. By joining the community, you will get early access to all the events will be coming up with.

We’ve curated a process for you; all you need to do is join the SheWork Community and be a part of our talent ecosystem. 

No. There is no upfront fee for hiring or contracting with The customer will be charged based on the chosen plan once the talent is hired or allotted a project.  

You can choose from three plans
1. Start-up Plan
2. Long-term Plan
3. Buy-out Plan.

Click here to learn more about our plans.  

There are two possibilities here. If there is a case of absconding or no-show during the first 90 days, we will provide you with a free replacement for the talent. In the case of contracts, if you do not like the performance, then the talent will be put on Notice Period, and a replacement will be provided to you during that time.  

We have curated the process in such a way that only the top 1% of candidates are screened and provided to clients. We have partnered with many tech pundits across the country with expertise in their domains. Once the candidate clears this round, then only the profile qualifies as a SheWork Talent and is provided to our clients depending on the requirement and right matching.  

Being an Indian-based organization, most of our talents are located in India.

Depending on the requirement and role, the talents are sourced on the basis of remote or on-site hiring. Despite this, most of our talents work remotely from their home office or a co-working space.  

Yes. We have curated a customized process that helps us help you better. If you require our talents on-site, then you can bring our talent on-site work.

Yes, you can hire a talent from for a full-time position. All you need to do is choose the buy-out plan. Click here to learn more about our Buy-out Plan.  

If case a situation like this arises, then either of the two options is rolled out for you:

  1. Ensuring that the task is completed by the talent in the given time frame and deadline. 
  2. In case an emergency situation arises, then a quick replacement for those particular days is provided.  


Typically, all the invoices are sent to the customers at the month-end once the time-sheets are approved. Usually, the talent is charged on the basis of hours or days they have worked with the customer.