S1E1 • March 08,2024 • 1 hr 46m

Fostering a Culture of Equality and Inclusion

Jump into exciting series of thought-provoking discussion on fostering a culture of equality and inclusion, leveraging HR technology for gender neutrality and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives.

S1E2 • March 15,2024 • 1 hr 17m

Empowering Female Leadership: Strategies for Organizational Growth

Join us live to explore cultivating female leadership in organizations. Despite gender equality progress, women lack representation in leadership. Gain actionable insights for fostering inclusivity in this webinar.

S1E3 • March 22,2024 • 1 hr 11m 33s

Workforce Restructuring | Navigating Layoffs, Furloughs, and Legal Obligations

Join our webinar on “Workforce Restructuring: Navigating Layoffs, Furloughs, and Legal Obligations”! Learn how to handle workforce changes effectively, from legal compliance to ethical considerations. Perfect for HR professionals, managers, and business owners. Register now for valuable insights and practical advice!

S1E4 • March 29,2024 • 1 hr 2m

Bridging the Gap: Tech Solutions for a Fairer Workplace

Unconscious bias can unfairly impact hiring. This session explores how technology like AI-powered job posting analysis and anonymized resume screening can level the playing field. We’ll delve into ensuring algorithmic fairness, skills-based assessments, and data-driven insights to identify and remove bias. Join us to discuss the benefits of a fair workplace, challenges like AI transparency, and strategies for building a more equitable future through technology.