If we are to take a look at the stats involving working women in India, you will be surprised about how wide the gap is. Going with the current rate, India might possibly become the most populous country on the globe by the year 2050 and yet, talking about equality in terms of profession, is nowhere near in sight. 

The percentage of working women in India has declined during the pandemic. While many people have also rediscovered their passion amid these testing times, women are the ones who have had to face the sharper hit.

With the increasing automation, work for women in the agriculture sector (which employs around 60% of the total number of working women in the country) will be badly hit. Approximately 10% of these women might be out of work by the end of the next decade due to automation.

You pick any work sector which requires educated women. The one common thread you are bound to find there is how women are underrepresented in each of those. Women’s workforce participation has increased in the last few years. However, the percentage of women in the workforce is not even close to what one might expect or want. Here are some percentages of working women in India from the core sectors

Information Technology (IT) – 28%

Healthcare & Pharmaceutical – 11%

Automotive – 10%

Oil & Gas – 7%

The participation of women in the workforce in India is in bad shape. The percentage of companies led by women has reached the stage of stagnation. Only 8.9% of the total firms in our country have women working in the top managerial positions and only about 13.8% make up in the board directors. 

  Did you know? 

On an average, women earn approximately 35% less than their male colleagues for the same amount of work.

Importance of Women in the Workforce

The importance of women in the workforce is high. There are multiple perks to having more and more women in the workforce, on both personal as well as professional level. With the stability that comes with a job and a fixed income, women become financially independent and are able to gain more control over their lives.  

Women help in building a better work environment and culture by bringing in positivity and a healthy competitive spirit. Women also foster the essence of teamwork which leads to heightened bonding. Thus, neither the importance of women’s work nor the importance of women in the workforce should be taken lightly.

Benefits of Hiring Women in the Workforce

Every person is made from a different kind of stardust and each of those brings something different to the table. Here are some of the benefits of hiring women in the workforce: 

  • Women Make Great Leaders 

You will not find many women in leadership roles and that’s a shame. Female leaders are known to have greater ability of self-development and taking initiative, as found in a Gallup Study. Women boost morale, leading to a more positive workplace environment.    

  • Better Work Environment 

Under women’s leadership, a better work environment thrives. Their heighted rate of willingness towards communication and to receive feedback leads to a more open environment where disputes are better resolved.   

  • Women Help Other Women Grow & Thrive 

If you feel your office does not hire many women, it’s probably because the current number is low. 

When women become a part of your office culture or when there are women in leadership roles, they open gateways for more women to grow and thrive. And there is no more a mesmerizing sight than women helping women.   

  • Women Bring in New Perspective 

According to a new study about workplace diversity and productivity, co-authored by an MIT researcher, a workplace with the right kind of gender diversity can help firms in being more productive by bringing in a new perspective and angle.  

People of different gendersage, geography and culture all bring in different views and ideas.   

  • Increased Long Term Relations & Reduced Staff Turnovers 

Women are more multi-task-able and multi-focused. They could be doing a thing and yet have their minds on another without affecting their performance. Also, women tend to make more solid decisions. 

  And these points are just the tip of the huge iceberg submerged!

Let’s Wrap it Up!

While we wrap it up, we can easily say that women leaders deliver more- 

  • Triumph
  • Profits
  • Productivity 
  • Influence
  • Diversity

While the participation of women in the Workforce in India is not as high, the numbers are increasing slowing yet steadily. We hope you are still not wondering why your organization should hire women.

Now that we have established that women can indeed change the face of your space, think about hiring some to help you in making it all come true. Register yourself as ‘Hire Talent’ at shework.in and find vetted profiles of exceptional women. 

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